Yasmin Brown of Spirit Taekwondo, and Alleged Live-in Boyfriend, Devin Neudeck, Owe Some Big Checks to Nevada Department of Taxation

Shafik Hirji’s daughter, Yasmin Brown, and her alleged live-in boyfriend, Devin Neudeck, apparently are a match made in tax marriage heaven according to the documents I’ve uncovered. Take a look at the state of Nevada Department of Taxation forms below for both of them showing outstanding payments due with penalties and interest:

Yasmin and Devin are allegedly boyfriend and girlfriend. Yasmin Brown is listed as president of Spirit Taekwondo; Devin Neudeck got caught up in the undertow of wading into Shafik Hirji’s world; he was installed as president, treasurer, secretary and director of Fusion Enterprises Inc., doing business as (DBA) USA Auto Service #2. Allegedly, Shafik Hirji uses him as a nominee in that business.

Now it looks like Shafik Hirji’s daughter, Yasmin Brown has a tidy little tax bill to deal with — a total of about $54,780 due. And it looks like Devin Neudeck is Shafik Hirji’s nominee in charge of dealing with a total of nearly $24,000 in tax debt, owed to the state of Nevada. Poor Yasmin and Devin. I’ve seen Yasmin walking around in public and it seems as if she has a perpetual frown on her face. No wonder. And I doubt Devin really understood all he was in for when he made the Yasmin Brown-Shafik Hirji connection. He can’t be too happy with the state of affairs either, in my opinion.

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Examining the Credibility of Yasmin Brown (In My Opinion)

Yasmin Brown has had an incredible first 23 years of life. An aspiring martial arts Olympic hopeful, she went through a very traumatic and awful Olympic coach sex scandal, she allegedly handles a number of business entities, including being a sole proprietor depositing nearly $9 million in 2016 to a Bank of America account (allegedly through Purrfect Auto and USA Auto entities), as well as driving different late model Mercedes Benz’s and BMW SUV vehicles costing nearly $100,000. What I believe that my research shows is that she’s nothing more than a controlling nominee for her father, Shafik Hirji. Yasmin Brown’s name has surfaced in corporate documents that include Champagne Inc, Captain Investments Inc, Boulevard Furniture Inc and last but not least, Spirit Taekwondo. At what point does Yasmin Brown become responsible for her participation in these corporations that have clearly hurt the people of the state of Nevada (please take a look at this Channel 13 Action News story) and driving expensive cars that most other 23-year-olds cannot even think of obtaining.

It looks as though the testimony and information that she’s provided in the sex scandal was pretty damning and was an awful experience for any young lady to go through at any age. But after seeing first-hand accounts of being manipulated by her father, Shafik Hirji, and the fact that she’s been seen driving very expensive Mercedes Benz’s and BMWs, at what point does she become a knowing participant in her father’s chicanery (the best word I can think of to describe what Shafik Hirji is doing, in my opinion).

I remember Shafik Hirji telling me about how in January or February of 2017 he sat in on an interview Yasmin Brown was having with a major media outlet. He told me that when the dust settled from the whole Olympic sex scandal thing that there was a huge opportunity to “cash in” on what had happened to his daughter, alluding to me that there was opportunity for a law suit to follow and that he would need help to “find the right lawyer” to handle the case.

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The Continued Crumbling of a Micro Mini-Business: Champagne Salon & Spas Sign Coming Down

One more step in the crumbling of a Shafik Hirji-run micro-mini-business, in which his daughter Yasmin Brown was installed as president and secretary: Yesterday, a worker was seen removing the sign for Champagne Salon and Spas at the entrance to the shopping center where it once was open for business on Eastern Avenue in Henderson, Nevada.

Shafik Hirji and his “TERRIBLE TOUPEE”

This sign being removed is just further evidence that Shafik Hirji’s “quasi” micro-mini-businesses continue to disappear before his very eyes. The word “quasi” seems to be a good identifier for Shafik’s relationship with his businesses. Quasi is defined as “seemingly; apparently but not really.” That’s pretty much a perfect descriptor (or should I say Purrfect?) for Shafik Hirji’s relationship with his businesses, in my opinion. However, while his businesses may be falling, that TERRIBLE TOUPEE still remains. That may be the last vestige of Shafik Hirji that gets removed once all his businesses shut down, which in my opinion will eventually happen — the removal of his Daniel-Boone-coonskin-cap-looking toupee once he goes to jail! That, of course, is only my opinion of how things will go for Shafik Hirji; one can only hope that the work I’m doing through this and other websites (please see ShafikHirji.com) will help prosecutors build their case on him.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that two Champagne Salon & Spas locations on Eastern Avenue — Hirji’s only two Champagne Salon & Spas — were closed down and the signs stripped from the facade above the businesses entrances. Now, the property management company at one of the Champagne Salon & Spa’s locations is removing the sign for the business seen at the entrance to the commercial/business center on Eastern Avenue. You also might recall that Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, the Hatari Sports Bar & Restaurant and one of the Furniture Fashions stores he runs — all in the Boulevard Mall — also were closed up.

Don’t take my word on the impact these two shops closing have had on employees and customers, just take a look at Action News Channel 13’s account of it.

The noose is tightening around Shafik Hirji’s neck, so to speak, and he seems to be starting to squirm; word is that apparently he’s hired a lawyer, who I’ve dealt with in the past, to help him try to navigate through the minefield of issues his various business entities are having. More on that in upcoming posts. Shafik Hirji ultimately runs Furniture Fashions (three stores), Purrfect Auto (multiple stores) and USA Auto (multiple stores) — make no mistake about that, he runs those stores — but which he uses nominees, like his daughter Yasmin Brown, as fronts for these various entities to keep his own name a step removed from being tied to these businesses.

So bit by bit, this quasi mini-business conglomeration that Shafik Hirji has tried to build using, in my opinion, unethical, harmful and in some cases illegal business practices, is falling apart. It’s just a matter of time, in my opinion, before all of it comes crashing down.

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Yasmin Brown, President, Champagne Inc – In the News (In My Opinion, In a Bad Way)

Action News Channel 13 has done several reports on the closing of Champagne Salon & Spas and has this most recent one still posted: Channel 13 Action News.

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Yasmin Brown, Unofficial Website Launch! President of Champagne Inc a k a Champagne Salon & Spas

Due to the recent closure of Champagne Salon & Spas and the media coverage, I am trying to determine if Yasmin Brown, the daughter of Shafik Hirji, is a victim or co-defendant.

I have been told that Champagne Inc was allegedly the parent company of both Champagne Salon & Spas that suddenly closed and have been the subject of several TV news stories

TV Story: Channel 13 Action News

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