The Continued Crumbling of a Micro Mini-Business: Champagne Salon & Spas Sign Coming Down

One more step in the crumbling of a Shafik Hirji-run micro-mini-business, in which his daughter Yasmin Brown was installed as president and secretary: Yesterday, a worker was seen removing the sign for Champagne Salon and Spas at the entrance to the shopping center where it once was open for business on Eastern Avenue in Henderson, Nevada.

Shafik Hirji and his “TERRIBLE TOUPEE”

This sign being removed is just further evidence that Shafik Hirji’s “quasi” micro-mini-businesses continue to disappear before his very eyes. The word “quasi” seems to be a good identifier for Shafik’s relationship with his businesses. Quasi is defined as “seemingly; apparently but not really.” That’s pretty much a perfect descriptor (or should I say Purrfect?) for Shafik Hirji’s relationship with his businesses, in my opinion. However, while his businesses may be falling, that TERRIBLE TOUPEE still remains. That may be the last vestige of Shafik Hirji that gets removed once all his businesses shut down, which in my opinion will eventually happen — the removal of his Daniel-Boone-coonskin-cap-looking toupee once he goes to jail! That, of course, is only my opinion of how things will go for Shafik Hirji; one can only hope that the work I’m doing through this and other websites (please see will help prosecutors build their case on him.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that two Champagne Salon & Spas locations on Eastern Avenue — Hirji’s only two Champagne Salon & Spas — were closed down and the signs stripped from the facade above the businesses entrances. Now, the property management company at one of the Champagne Salon & Spa’s locations is removing the sign for the business seen at the entrance to the commercial/business center on Eastern Avenue. You also might recall that Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, the Hatari Sports Bar & Restaurant and one of the Furniture Fashions stores he runs — all in the Boulevard Mall — also were closed up.

Don’t take my word on the impact these two shops closing have had on employees and customers, just take a look at Action News Channel 13’s account of it.

The noose is tightening around Shafik Hirji’s neck, so to speak, and he seems to be starting to squirm; word is that apparently he’s hired a lawyer, who I’ve dealt with in the past, to help him try to navigate through the minefield of issues his various business entities are having. More on that in upcoming posts. Shafik Hirji ultimately runs Furniture Fashions (three stores), Purrfect Auto (multiple stores) and USA Auto (multiple stores) — make no mistake about that, he runs those stores — but which he uses nominees, like his daughter Yasmin Brown, as fronts for these various entities to keep his own name a step removed from being tied to these businesses.

So bit by bit, this quasi mini-business conglomeration that Shafik Hirji has tried to build using, in my opinion, unethical, harmful and in some cases illegal business practices, is falling apart. It’s just a matter of time, in my opinion, before all of it comes crashing down.

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