Yasmin Brown of Spirit Taekwondo, and Alleged Live-in Boyfriend, Devin Neudeck, Owe Some Big Checks to Nevada Department of Taxation

Shafik Hirji’s daughter, Yasmin Brown, and her alleged live-in boyfriend, Devin Neudeck, apparently are a match made in tax marriage heaven according to the documents I’ve uncovered. Take a look at the state of Nevada Department of Taxation forms below for both of them showing outstanding payments due with penalties and interest:

Yasmin and Devin are allegedly boyfriend and girlfriend. Yasmin Brown is listed as president of Spirit Taekwondo; Devin Neudeck got caught up in the undertow of wading into Shafik Hirji’s world; he was installed as president, treasurer, secretary and director of Fusion Enterprises Inc., doing business as (DBA) USA Auto Service #2. Allegedly, Shafik Hirji uses him as a nominee in that business.

Now it looks like Shafik Hirji’s daughter, Yasmin Brown has a tidy little tax bill to deal with — a total of about $54,780 due. And it looks like Devin Neudeck is Shafik Hirji’s nominee in charge of dealing with a total of nearly $24,000 in tax debt, owed to the state of Nevada. Poor Yasmin and Devin. I’ve seen Yasmin walking around in public and it seems as if she has a perpetual frown on her face. No wonder. And I doubt Devin really understood all he was in for when he made the Yasmin Brown-Shafik Hirji connection. He can’t be too happy with the state of affairs either, in my opinion.

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