Nevada Attorney General Permanent Injunction (Shafik Hirji)

It looks as though, in my opinion, Shafik Hirji has circumvented the permanent injunction handed down by the state of Nevada attorney general’s office by using his daughter, Yasmin Brown, 23, as a nominee to run not only two Champagne Salon & Spas locations in addition to multiple Purrfect Auto shops, in addition to multiple USA Auto shops. According to this permanent injunction (see document below) Shafik Hirji has been enjoined by the state of Nevada against “continuing to engage or participate in the automotive business in any manner either directly or indirectly except by way of open and transparent ownership and/or control …”

In my opinion, Shafik Hirji is in direct violation of this permanent injunction. How can a 23-year-old whose skill set is in the sport of karate manage two spa businesses, multiple automobile repair locations, as well as run her own Tae Kwan Do karate studio run, manage and direct all of those entities as well as control nearly $9 million of revenue annually that gets deposited into a Bank of America account?