Shafik Hirji Makes Threats Against My Life and Family Members

Shafik Hirji has made it known to me and through his employees and associates that if these websites and things continue, he will handle these like he’s handled things in the past. My response to Shafik Hirji is: “You’re a short, fat, rug-wearing bully who screwed with the wrong guy.”

As you can see, I’m not backing off and I plan more websites about your sons Shafik Brown and Rahim Hirji. The truth is my friend, Shafik Hirji, you’re a lying scumbag low-life who has had your estranged wife Judy file bankruptcy and your son Rahim also file bankruptcy. In my opinion, you are all the same and they are nothing but nominees. How you didn’t protect your daughter is a mystery, and the fact that you let over $8 million be deposited into the bank account of a 23-year-old girl as a nominee (in my opinion) shows the low-life coward and rat bastard that you are.

So bring it on, you short, fat rug-wearing bully. LMAO!!